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J & K Wiring System


WIRING HARNESSES for Automobile Industries

WIRING HARNESSES for Electrical Industries

WIRING HARNESSES for Electronic Industries

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Wiring Harness, WIRING HARNESSES for Automobile Industries
J & K Wiring System

J & K Wiring System
1 & 2 - C Wing, Ashoka Vihar, 1 st Floor, XLO Corner, Ambad, Nashik - 422 010, Maharashtra, India.
Phone : +91 - 253 - 2381144, 2381155
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Plot No. B - 66, 'B' Road, NICE Satpur, Nashik - 422 007, Maharashtra, India.
Phone : +91 - 253 - 2350098
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We are leading Manufacturers of Wiring Harness and our set up situated at Nashik, Maharashtra, India.